Is a CSA box the right fit for you?

Community Supported Agriculture or CSA

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Is signing up for a CSA box a good idea?

Community-supported agriculture (CSA) connects local farmers with local consumers.  This allows the consumer to sign-up for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly food box.  This box may contain a variety of seasonal vegetables; fruits or meat products depending on what box/farm you subscribe too.

As the price of gas climbs here in the Okanagan I start to wonder what vegetables, fruits and berries will cost next winter.  With that in mind it’s time to consider signing up for a CSA box and if your schedule works start to visit your local farmers markets.

With our busy lifestyles we sometimes find little time to shop.  A CSA box is full of fresh seasonal vegetables giving us the freedom to eat a healthier diet.

When we subscribe to a CSA box we are supporting our local farmers. Our sign up fee helps them get seeds and seedlings in the ground to start the season. 


Here are a few advantages to a CSA box:

-It supports local agriculture & local agriculture needs our support.  Vegetables and fruit may seem cheaper at big box stores but
 think fresh, local and seasonal.

-We eat seasonally.

-There is a smaller carbon footprint. Food is grown locally and we don’t have to do a number of trips to the grocery store during the

-We try different fruits and vegetables. Our fridges always have vegetables and fruit giving us access to fresh healthy choices.

-Gives us a chance to meet our local farmers and see how our food is grown.

-Builds community.

-Teaches our children the importance of our food and how it is grown.

-Make new friends. Meeting our neighbours when picking up our CSA box.

-Our food is fresh as it is picked the same day we go to the farm for our box.


Links to local farmers providing CSA boxes in Salmon Arm:

Do you participate in a CSA box?

What do you like/dislike most about the box?