Harvesting Augusts Bounty

It's August get outside and enjoy Summer.....

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Harvesting Augusts' Bounty


August is here and as Roots and Blues (August 16-19) approaches we realize the hot days of summer are coming to an end. 

There are many ways to enjoy the month and what it has to offer.  If you are looking for a little inspiration, try one-or all- of these healthy, life-enriching activities to enjoy the last summer days.

Soak up the sun

You may feel you’ve gotten all the vitamin D you need over the last couple of months but think ahead to the rainy fall.   Even with the cooler days we need to be thinking of sun block and a hat as to much exposure can lead to sunburn.

-Take your coffee break outside and enjoy moment.

-Go for an early morning or after work bike ride to be outside.

-Eat your lunch on a park bench.

-Take a supper picnic to the beach and enjoy a relaxing easy clean up from dinner.


Observe Nature

Observing nature brings awareness and gratitude to our lives.  Take a few moments next time you are outside walking, running, cycling or even in the garden to observe your surroundings.  Look and examine how the sun and warmer temperatures have changed the landscape over the last couple of months.  Is it quiet?  Have the birds left for the season? What flowers are blooming?  What vegetables are for sale at the farmers markets?  All things that we can stop observe and are grateful for in our lives.


Summer is a great time to travel and enjoy other areas. Maybe even a staycation where you enjoy a few day trips to other towns. Or yoga at the beach or park with a friend.

Keeping Cool

The warmth of June and July brings the lake temperature up and provides and opportunity for a little water therapy.  Try paddle boarding or just head to the river or lake for a dip.

Eat Seasonally

August brings the bounty of local fruits, berries and vegetables.  A visit to the farmers market for seasonal vegetables, flowers and fruits can help you widen your culinary experience.  Ask the farmer about their produce and what their favourite recipes are for cooking, canning or freezing items.  Meeting your local farmers builds relationships and community. 

Beyond the feel-good satisfaction of eating local, there are several reasons for consuming during the harvest time.  For example it’s easier to find in-season foods that are locally grown, and enjoying these foods-of-the-moment cuts down on the use of preservatives, fuel and the nutritional-zapping time it requires for shipping goods from distant regions.  Also in-season foods are more likely to be at their nutritional peak, chock full of the good stuff your body needs.

Indulge in juicy fruits, such as cantaloupe, melon and peaches along with vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh herbs.

Its August lets get out side and embrace the last of our summer days…


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