Garlic Sauce

I love all things garlic.  We have a patch in the garden and I’ve always got a few bulbs in the pantry.  It can be used in so many different dishes I consider it a staple like onions and carrots.

It’s Gluten Free and Vegan.

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Garlic, salt and lemon juice

Garlic, salt and lemon juice


·      5 Tbsp.  Fresh squeezed lemon juice

·      ¼ cup peeled garlic

·      ½  tsp. sea salt

·      1 ½ cups avocado oil

·      2 Tbsp. warm water (if needed to thin the sauce at the end)


1.     Gather all the ingredients fresh lemon, garlic, sea salt and avocado oil.

2.     Peel garlic cloves, cut in half and remove the remove any green portion in the middle.  The green sprout will make your sauce bitter.

3.     Place the oil in the fridge so it is cool.

4.     Juice the lemon

5.     Measure out the salt

6.     Put garlic and salt in the bowl of the food processer.  Let it sit for 5 minutes.

7.     Add 1 Tbsp. lemon juice and 2 Tbsp. warm.

8.     Process until smooth.  Stop and scrap down the sides so all the garlic is pureed.

9.     Add the oil ½ cup at a time, then 1 Tbsp. lemon juice, oil, and lemon juice until you get a smooth consistency.

10.  Store in a squeeze bottle or jars in the fridge.  Keeps for up to 4 weeks.

Notes from my kitchen:  Make sure your food processor  is dry otherwise the water in it may make the sauce split. You can add water at the end to thin the sauce.

I use avocado oil other recipes call for vegetable  or seed oil.  Extra virgin olive oil is not recommended. Below is a link to Toum Garlic Sauce.